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About J-L Concepts
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     About the business:

       Laskowski Designer Graphx was founded in 2011, however I have been conducting my own business and working under other businesses in the same fields of my professions for 8 years. In 2013 I met my wife whom also has outstanding talents as well as ambition to expand what used to be Laskowsi Designer Graphx into J-L Concepts, offering a wider array of skills and professions.

The business of J-L Concepts consists of a computer repair department, and a minor art gallery.

Below are some of our listed key points to a successful business:

         I have over 15 years of experience in my fields of profession.

        We are establishing an independently owned and operated, American business.

         We stand behind our work 100% and it is guaranteed

         We offer free quotes, estimates, and diagnostics.

         Our Labor Pricing is 50% (and in some cases 80%) less than local competitors.

      Our qualified and experienced work is guaranteed to be fast, reliable, honest, efficient, and cheap for the quality obtained. My patience and understanding to a customer's needs and level of knowledge they have relevant to the issue is determined to make sure they get what they need and understand why and/or how. Diagnostics and estimates are free, but labor, artwork, materials, and parts are not. Therefore, instead of making my own decision for "what needs to be done," or "what's best," We will make it a point to make sure it will be a decision you favor and not "stick you with a bill." Our business is for the customer and not for the basis of capitalism.

J-L Concepts will be functioning during the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Thursday and 10:00am to 2:00pm Friday and Saturday. Please call (580) 286-1150 or (580) 212-4838 for appointments or stop by as a walk in at the address 104 SE Ave N , Idabel OK. 74745 (the location is across from Milanos Pizza).

     About the owners, Joseph S. Laskowski and Donna J. Jones-Laskowski:

     As owners of a small business here in Idabel, Oklahoma during a time in which the economy is in bad shape, we have our own struggles and work cut out for us. I am also a devoted husband to the woman of my dreams, with weekly joint custody of my children that I do love and support.

     Credit to my knowledge in professions of computer and artwork are due to my earned degree in computer science and experience in the field. The credit for Donnas sewing and artistic talents stem from her mother, Ella Nora Wenger Jones, whom has always shown to be an exceptional teacher in the fields of sewing and art. Donna's credit for her exceptional and professional barbering experience goes to her father Dock D. Jones whom practiced his trade for over 50 years here in Idabel. Unfortunately, Donna has suffered from a diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The disease has greatly affected the way she works and therefore she cannot cut hair any longer. She is, however, still here when she can be. We are both extremely creative and love art, so we implicate our talent into masterpieces in a wide variety of artistic medium. Credit for Donna's creative writing ability can go as far back as her enjoying writing at Idabel High School and her English teacher, Mrs. Zeigler, appreciating and encouraging it. Donna went on to further her education at Tulsa Community College where she majored in Psychology and minored in Literature. We are exceptional artists whom pay close attention to detail, which we put towards what we do in consideration to others in life. We have good values and morals we live our lives by, however we will never judge anybody or anything that we may conduct business with. We will also never push our own beliefs on someone else. We treat everyone with the same respect and appreciation as we expect from them. We believe that everyone is equal and our beliefs will be evident in the way we conduct business, showing no signs or corruption or favoritism towards each and every job and/or customer. I credit my patience among other virtues to my mother whom I have cared and watched over throughout her struggle with partial blindness and deafness.

     I decided to start my own business not only because I enjoy doing it and to make money, but also to give back what I've received. We decided to merge into J-L Concepts for the same reasons along with working together and expanding the business alike. To make our experiences, services, and talents available to the general public that may have an interest in what we do, but also to provide necessary assistance in technical issues, sewing problems, etc... for people that need the work done, that are interested in saving money, and not interested in being "ripped off" or lied to for selfish gain. I grow tiresome of slander and hypocritical lies, however we endure and let our actions speak louder than anyone's words including our own. Sure, we have faults and transgressions as anyone does. Nobody is perfect, but we only ask to consider sources when hearing about us or our profession, for it has affected business in the past.

     We have also decided to progress in the field of abuse awareness. Donna has been a survivor of domestic abuse which has caused her to suffer many conditions over the past few years. One of the worst would be the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which is unbelievably diverse in its variable symptoms between individuals. I too have endured through domestic abuse. Since Donna's freedom over the depression, she has longed to help others whom suffer from domestic abuse. Whether they are still trapped within the walls of oppression, or have found that freedom, we know all too well the lasting effects of such a cruel and unusual situation and may require assistance in "getting their lives back." After learning that Idabel only supports programs for the abusers in domestic violence, Donna and I have decided to take a step and start on a non-profit organization to focus on helping these individuals who are in desperate need of liberation. This program is still in the works but must be mentioned on our website. Look for the program soon: GET STRONG (Abuse Awareness).


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