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J-L Concepts Laskowski Studio and Gallery

Consent and Disclaimer:


     The artists, Joseph S. Laskowski and Donna J. Jones-Laskowski, are the owners and creators of all works of art contained within the digital gallery as well as all images, animations, and backgrounds throughout the website of "http://www.jlconcepts.net". The only ownership exception contained are specified to logos of companies by copyright used on the "links" page to identify corresponding companies or organizations noted and to flash code used by "5urt.deviantart.com".
     The Images of actual individuals used in our artwork are not meant to indicate any particular attitude or opinion on the part of those individuals whose images are being used (including but not limited to their families).The depictions contained are not meant to indicate the endorsement of products, artwork, or even ideas of J-L Concepts or the owners, Joseph S. Laskowski or Donna J. Jones-Laskowski. Furthermore, works containing the use of individuals, the artists, and the company of J-L Concepts may not be used to indicate character, law, or religious defamation. On another note, the actions, affiliations, religious beliefs, attitudes, conduct, and/or perception of those individuals used in our artwork do not reflect or represent J-L Concepts or the conduct of the owners, Joseph S. Laskowski or Donna J. Jones-Laskowski, in any way.
     The Works of Art contained throughout the website and in the gallery are strictly for publicizing the artwork of Joseph S. Laskowski or Donna J. Jones-Laskowski in a portfolio sense and to be considered as examples of talent, abilities, creativity, and imagination expressed by the artists.
     The copying, reposting, republishing, distribution, or printing of these works displayed on this website are strictly prohibited without the expressed written consent of the creators.
     Please note that this “Image Disclaimer” document is only a fragmented section of the entire disclaimer presented by J-L Concepts, and was only presented this way to relate to matters only dealing with artwork. Please refer to the entire disclaimer available for download at the bottom of every page featured on the website titled “DISCLAIMER.” Thank you.

     Since some of the artwork featured in the gallery are adult oriented and may depict situations of a questionable manner, you will have to provide consent to proceed to the gallery. By clicking the accept button below, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age and that you understand and agree to the terms, conditions, and statements of the imagine disclaimer above.
If The "Accept" or "Decline" link buttons are not directing you to corresponding pages, then more than
likely you have popups disabled. Please temporarily allow this popup since it is only a hyperlink inside a flash animation file.
Thank you.

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The J-L Concepts Image Disclaimer
can be downloaded below in PDF format:
The J-L Concepts Full Disclaimer
can be downloaded below in PDF format:

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter, and I hope you enjoy our digital gallery pages .

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