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J-L Concepts Inventory
For Mobile Devices

     There is not a lot of demand for inventory in the technical side of our business, but there are instances when necessary to keep a few things stocked whenever possible. Of course, we will have art supplies, fabric materials for sewing that may be sold at discretion. We usually have used computer components and electronic parts on hand (and at discounted prices) in case needed and try to make it a habit to keep new components on hand for emergency purposes.

     Since different laptops (and some desktops) are built so exclusive to a manufacturer's design, it would not be efficient to keep components in stock. When there are demands for components, parts, or inventory that we do not have on hand, we easily order through business vendors that quickly deliver. Through these vendors we can usually get a certain part cheaper than prices available to the general public. I will stress again that if you are in need of a part that has to be ordered, I will make sure you are aware of the situation and the price of the part before actually ordering. You will be confident I am working for you.

Inventory Available:

Desktop Power Supplies
Desktop Hard Drives
Desktop RAM (different types)
Desktop LCD Screens
Desktop CPUs
Desktop CD/DVD writer Drives
Desktop screws
Desktop Floppy Drives
Desktop Heat Sinks (select few)
Desktop case fans
Desktop Barebones Case
Desktop I/O Plates and Covers
Desktop Modems
Desktop Ethernet Cards
Desktop Video Cards
Desktop Sound Cards
Desktop USB Cards

Laptop Power Supplies (few)
Laptop Hard Drives
Laptop RAM (different types)
Laptop replacement screens
Laptop CPUs
Laptop CD/DVD writer Drives
Laptop Screws (assorted)
Processor Thermal Paste
Zip Ties
Blank CD and DVDs
RJ45 (CAT5) Ends
RJ45 (CAT5) Cable
USB Cables
USB Printer Cables
Company Modems
LED Bulbs
Sata Cables
IDE Cables
Floppy Cables
SATA Power Cables
Power Supply Cables
VGA Cables
Phone Cables
Coaxial Cables
S-Video Cables
Parallel Cables
Serial Cables
Ethernet Cables
Misc. Gauge Wire
Misc. Playstation 2 Parts
Misc. Camcorder Parts
Misc. Camera Parts
Misc. Playstation 3 Parts
Misc. Printer Parts
Misc. Adapters
We usually have used desktops, laptops, monitors, tablets, and cellular phones on hand and available for purchase.
These products usually do not last long due to the discounted prices offered.
If you are interested in a used desktop, laptop, or monitor it would always be best to contact us and ask about our stock.
We also insist that you check our stock frequently.

We can order new desktops, laptops, monitors, tablets, and phones from our specialized vendors at a fraction of retail cost.
Please give us a call for an estimate on new equipment today, and remember that we will always honor warranty
and can fully service any issues or inconveniences you may have.

The Gallery Products Available:

We have art supplies on hand for the art classes and "Painting with Perks" sessions we provide, however we can offer some of these supplies for sale depending on the availability of the supplies needed.

Supplies may include (but not limited to) a variety of oil paints, a variety of acrylic paints, a variety of water color paints, oil pastels, clay, a variety of paint brushes, markers, colored pencils, charcoal, erasers, sponges, easels, canvas, and custom canvas.

We can order any supplies you may need at competitive cost through our specialized vendors. We also make our own canvas to custom specifications.

Please call or stop by to fill your order.

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