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Welcome to Jones-Laskowski Concepts

Your source for computer repair, artwork, photography, alterations, web design, and writing in McCurtain county, Southeast Oklahoma, and surrounding areas.
Owners Joseph S.Laskowski and Donna J. Jones-Laskowski welcome you to the website of J-L Concepts.

Important updated information:
We have relocated our shop to 104 SE Ave N Idabel, OK 74745. We are now right across from Milanos Pizza. We have also downgraded our services.
Due to Donna's diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, she can no longer cut hair. We still offer most of our services prior to this relocation, so please feel free to call and ask.
We no longer sign contracted artists for The Gallery at J-L Concepts. We continue to have pieces of artwork by the owners for sale, and can take orders/requests of artwork as well.
Teaching and classes of art are to be decided at a later date.

Shop hours are Monday through Friday 9:00am -5:00pm and Saturday 9:00am - 2:00 pm.
Please call for your convenience (580) 212-4838, or (580) 286-1150.

"I have been conducting business in the town of Idabel, Oklahoma and constantly service the surrounding areas for roughly 12 years under the business Laskowski Designer Graphx. My wife, Donna and I have decided to merge the business into J-L Concepts allowing the business to offer more of a variety of trade. We strive to bring the customer the benefit of quality service at a discount price. Our honest service, knowledge of our professions (as opposed to local competitors), and our pricing are by far unmatched at the convenience of availability. Our services, parts, material, products, supplies, and labor are reliable, of excellent quality, and/or executed in a timely manner. Each customer or job are equally important to the stature of our business and are concluded with an itemized invoice and warranty if applicable," says Co-Owner Joseph Laskowski.

     As far as technology goes, there are many devices that you depend on to keep your sanity and to keep organized in this routine you call life. Although, they may not be needed, these devices are more than convenient, however, only electrical and therefore bound by the term "consumable." If it is electrical, it will stop working at some point. It is inevitable.

      Our tech department makes the convenient even more convenient with the ability to quickly recover or reload your operating system (Windows, Macintosh, or Linux), secure data, cracked or broken or shattered LCD or screens. We can quickly change computer parts or components for repairs or upgrades and order if need be. We analyze, diagnose, correct errors that deal with incompatibility or hardware and software issues. If a reload is needed, we can salvage all data from the hard drive (as long as the hard drive has not failed beyond integrity. When reloaded, we install all updates, make sure your device is completely protected and risk free to the best of the software's ability on the internet.

     We encourage service contracts if at all possible. I never understood why some companies will rely on repair from technical companies that are located out of town, take forever to arrive, and leave when the initial issues have not been completely resolved. If your company suffers from such details, please give J-L Concepts a call. We can give you a fair and reasonable bid/quote for any job or service we are equipt to handle.

     We also offer web site design and hosting. We can offer advertisement of your website and/or services in a popup free fashion. Our business also offers barber services, artwork by demand or showcased works for sale at The Gallery, graphic design, graphic art, photography, photo editing, photo restore, video editing, VHS to DVD Conversion, sewing, alterations, and writing.

J-L Concepts will be functioning during the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Thursday and 9:00am to 2:00pm Friday and Saturday. Please call (580) 286-1150 or (580) 212-4838 for appointments or stop by as a walk in at the address 104 SE Ave N , Idabel OK. 74745 (the location is across from Milanos Pizza).

This site greatly depends on Java Script and Adobe Flash images and movies. If you receive a pop up along the lines of the website being restricted of running scripts or ActiveX controls, please select the option to allow the website to run them. There is no harmful software on my website. Thank you for your time and patience in this matter.

If you are having difficulty viewing this website correctly, Please visit the "mobile website" on the link below. It is an image of this website that was redesigned specifically for mobile devices and as a convenience for users that do not use Active X, Flash, Java-script, as well as other diverse media and coding languages.

We are now accepting credit and debit card payments. Each and every transaction is secure and insured for your piece of mind.

Please fill in the description of the service or product you are purchasing and click the Pay Now button. You will be directed to the paypal checkout page. You can either log in with a paypal account for a faster transaction, or click the "do not have a paypal account" option that will consist in completing an order form including credit card information. Please fill the form out as accurately as possible and be sure to enter the correct price and detailed description of the product or service you are purchasing.

Thank you for letting J-L Concepts meet your needs.
Description of Payment:

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